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There are no puppies available at this time.
If you wish to be put on my waiting list please fill out my Puppy Questionairre.  I do not work on a first come first served basis, I will place the pups in the homes that best suit their activity level and personalities.

Click On Jessie's Picture to see her puppies!
The pictures here are her litter from 2006, this years litter pictures are coming soon!

Click on Lexi's picture to see her puppies.

Sadly, Lexi had to be helped to the Rainbow Bridge after a bad accident left her unable to fend off a severe infection.  We miss you Lexi, doG's speed to the Bridge where the grass is always green, the sun always warm, a big fluffy pillow is waiting for you to rest your dainty head on and may you be treated like the Princess you are.  You were our Sweet Girl on Earth and now you are our Angel up above.  Please watch your babies and help them to grow with your kindness and gentle nature.  Lexi leaves behind 3 beautiful 3 1/2 week old babies.

Here are just some candid pictures of the pups as they continue to grow, they are so much fun to watch! These are Jessie's 2006 litter.

Mom and Son
Such Snugglers

Uncle Oreo with Twister

I Claim This Food in the Name of Teddy!
Teddy discovers hard food and loves it!

Zorro and Spud
Spud may be tiny but he is sure mighty!

We will ship our puppies to the right homes at the buyers expense.  Please be aware that this can be costly as the pup will need to be vet checked and cleared with a Health Certificate, rabies shot, airtravel safe crate and the ticket.  As well most airlines will not ship animals beyond certain temperatures.  We would really prefer if you could come and pick up the pup, then the pup is able to ride with you as a passenger in the plane, otherwise they must travel as cargo.  If you have any questions about shipping your new addition please feel free to ask.

We also offer a life time committment to our pups.  If you need some training tips, or ideas on how to handle your new active puppy we will be available to help you in any way we can.  Also, if for any reason you are not able to keep your pup during any time in the dog's life we will accept them back and/or help you find a new family.  We know that things happen in life that just can't be foreseen and we want to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone concerned.  All this and other information about our life time guarantee is on our Contract that must be read, signed and returned to us before you receive your new puppy.  If you would like to read this document please contact us and we will send you one right away.



Boomer vs My Shoe
My Shoe Won...This Time Anyways!

Puppy Kisses
Oreo is such a great big Uncle

Spud vs pop can
I think the pop can has a good

Little Aussies with Big Hearts!