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Puppy Questionnaire

Filling Out This Questionnaire Will Help Us To Match The Right Puppy  For You And Your Family.  The More Information You Can Provide The Better.

Full Name
Mailing Address
Email Address
Phone Number, Please Include Area Code.
Do You Prefer A Male or Female? Why?
Do You Have A Colour Preference?
Have You Ever Owned an Australian Shepherd Before?
Have You Ever Raised A Puppy Before?
Are You Aware of the Time, Effort,Training, and Lifelong Commitement it Takes to Raise a Puppy?
Do You Have A Fully Fenced Yard?
If You Do Not Have A Fenced Yard How Do You Plan On Giving Your New Pup Exercise Safely?
Will Your New Pup Be Living Indoors or Outdoors?
Do You Have Any Children? If So How Many and What Are Their Ages?
Have You Ever House Trained a Puppy Before? How Will You Deal With Accidents That Happen?
How Do You Plan On Disciplining Your Pup If Needed?
Australian Shepherds Are Very Devoted To Their Families. Are You Prepared To Have A Constant Shadow?
What Are Your Plans On Training the New Pup? Are You Willing To Take The Pup To Obedience Classes?
Are You Aware Of The Australian Shepherd's Strong Herding Instinct? Are You Able To Handle Such A Dog? If So, How?
Do You Own Any Other Dogs Or Other Pets? If So, What Kinds and and Are They Able To Accept A new Rambunctious Puppy?
Do You Have Any Objections To Having Your New Pup Spayed Or Neutered By 6 Months Of Age? If Yes Please Explain.
Have You Had To Turn A Pet Over To A Shelter Or SPCA? If So Why?
Are You Willing to Give Us 4 References, One Being Your Vet? Please List Them Along With Their Addresses And Phone Numbers.
What Are Your Plans For the New Pup?
Are You Prepared For The Cost Of Owning A Puppy/Dog? Please Explain Your Answer.
Is The New Pup Going To Have The Run Of The House Or Will He/She Be Crate Trained? Please Explain.
Each Pup Had It's Own Personality And Energy Level. What Kind Of Activity Level Are You Looking For?
What Kind Of Personality Are You Looking For?

We thank-you for filling in our Puppy Questionnaire. Once it is reviewed we will also have a personal interview. Due to distances involved this can be done over the phone. In most cases we will also require a home check.  Please do not take this personally but we must ensure that our puppies are truly going to the proper forever home.

Little Aussies with Big Hearts!